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1000: Ramsey Kearney -- Joy In The Morning (Kearney-Stough-Hampton)/ (Even If It Kills Me) I'll Die Lovin' You (Ramsey Kearney) ©1975

SR 8674 Ramsey Kearney -- Gold Bottle (Shorty Hall - Neal Merritt) Hang On broken Heart -- (John Shampine - Ramsey Kearney)

SR 1001 Ramsey Kearney -- Cattle Call (Tex Owens) / Jack Benny's Fiddle (Ramsey

Kearney - Neva Lyons) ©1977

SR 9338 Ramsey Kearney -- More Water On The Beans (Alma Jackson- Ramsey

Kearney)/ Life Begins At Forty (Jan Zachery - Peggy Leftwich - Ramsey Kearney)

SR 101 Ramsey Kearney -- White Man's Blues/ Evergreen Love (Both written by Ramsey Kearney) ©1981

SR 102 Ramsey Kearney -- Bluesday/ I Don't Wanna Do It (If I Can't Do It With You) (Both written by Ramsey Kearney)

SR 103 Ramsey Kearney -- Don't Call Me (I'll call You) (Frank D'Antonio - Ramsey

Kearney)/ Something Of Value (Bob Mitchell - Ramsey Kearney)

SR 104 Ramsey Kearney -- That's How Much I Love You (Eddy Arnold - Wally Fowler- Graydon Hall)/ My Love For You (Ramsey Kearney) ©1982

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