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A Word From Your Co-Writer

   After years of songwriting as well as being a recording artist, I have decided to do personalized co-writing on select song material. I feel there are amateur writers, who can become tomorrows' perfected songwriter, with the help of an experienced co-writer .

   I will provide a melody as well as tighten up your lyrics on a 50/50 basis, a

composer who has had success in getting his own songs recorded by recognized

artists. 50% of all recording royalties received will be paid to the author (YOU) and the remaining 50% paid to the co-writer or music composer, which is myself.

   A demonstration recording (demo) is needed when presenting your song to record companies, music publishers and recording artists. The standard procedure in a presentation, is a cassette tape copy of your song, along with lead sheet or neatly written or typed copy of the lyrics. A demo recording is the first step in getting your song ready to be heard in the proper form.

   Remember, some of today's' top writers were first unknown such as yourself. You have to start somewhere, so why not today. A successful song can earn you $50,000 and up, depending on your record sales and it's acceptance and appeal to the buying public.

   Writing songs is an art, not a science. Writing songs can be fun, fulfilling and

profitable. The best way I know to write a hit is to write a lot of them. The law of

averages is, the more songs you write, the bigger your chances are of writing that hit song.


1. Write or type your lyrics legibly and mail them to:

Ramsey Kearney
602 Inverness Avenue

Nashville, Tennessee 37204

2. If you would like to use a submission form... (click here)

3. Submit your lyrics by email directly to Ramsey Kearney.