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Buffalo Album

1. Pocahontas Tennessee

2. Indian Love Call

3. Days Of The Buffalo

4. Sons Of Mother Earth

5. Caught Between Two worlds

6. Geronomo P.O.W.

7. Osceola

8. Nunna Dayall Zunn Yee (Where They Cried)

9. Crazy Horse

10. Chaco Canyon

11. Waken Tanka (The Great Mystery)

12. Okeefenoke (Land Of Trembling Waters)

13. One Horn (Path Finder)

14. The Mighty Mochay

15. Running Bear

16. Kawliga

17. Son, Don't Go Near The Indians

18. Cherokee Charlie

19. Half Breed

20. Navajo Joe

21. Crazy Crazy Times

22. Call Of The Drums (Pow-Wows)

"Days Of The Buffalo"

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Days Of The Buffalo

Nunna Dayall Zunn Yee