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Biography: page 3

   Sam seemed to be well pleased with these recordings, especially with "The Work Of The Lord"; but to Ramsey's dismay, Sam never released these recordings.


   Upon his release from the Army, Ramsey returned to Memphis. In a gas station, shortly after returning home, Ramsey ran into Carl Perkins and his two brothers,

Clayton and Jay. He told Carl that he had been reading about a Carl Perkins doing some recording, and was it him? He said it was, but hadn't had much luck with a hit yet.


   Carl had just recorded "Blue Suede Shoes" and had great expectations for that song. The last conversation Ramsey had with Carl, was when they rode back to Jackson from a D.J. convention in Nashville. Carl was quite upset because Elvis Presley had covered him on "Blue Suede Shoes". Carl asked Ramsey if he thought he'd have another hit and Ramsey said, "If he had one in him, there is bound to be another somewhere.


   After a lot of detours, Ramsey finally made his way to Nashville. After starving out in Nashville the first time, Ramsey moved to Knoxville Tennessee, where he worked for an old friend named Jim Clayton, who ran a used car business. Ramsey worked as a used car salesman, and did jingles and radio spots for Clayton's Company.


   On Saturday nights he was a regular on the TENNESSEE BARN DANCE that was aired over WNOX Radio, and hosted by Lowell Blanchard. Ramsey returned to

Nashville, and did a solo act at the VOODOO ROOM in famous PRINTER'S ALLEY for several years.

The Nashville Years