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Biography: page 2

   Ramsey remembers that after he had done several radio shows, he received a phone call from CARL PERKINS, and could he come up and pick guitar on radio with him? Carl appeared the following  Saturday with his guitar and amp. Carl had a National acoustic guitar, with a silver plated pick-up mounted above the sound hole and under the strings. The strings were about one-half inch above the fingerboard on the neck, the amp was about as big as a cracker box . But to Ramsey's surprise, he sounded pretty good!

   Ramsey remembers he played in the style resembling the late Merle Travis, writer of SixteenTons, but wanted to play like Chet Atkins. Carl told Ramsey after the radio show, that his parent's had wanted him to come up and work with him because he would go far in the music business. Carl was a guest several times on Ramsey's radio show.

   After graduation from Boliver Central High School , Ramsey moved to Memphis Tennessee to further his career and get more experience . Ramsey was lead vocalist and front man for the Snearly Ranch Boy's, who played night clubs in Memphis and Arkansas . During this period in time, Ramsey also had a daily radio show on KWEM in West Memphis Arkansas.

   In 1953 Ramsey was drafted in the U.S. ARMY. During his first army leave, Ramsey was visiting his friend "Sleepy Eyed John"  (John Lepley), a poplar disk jockey at WHHM. He told Ramsey that Sam Phillips, (owner of Sun Records), was about to do something recording wise.

   Ramsey recalls, "We went to Sam and discussed the possibilities... we decided on what musicians to use, and Sam called the session . We did three songs: "The Work Of The Lord" which I wrote, "New Low Price Of Love", which I Co-wrote with Sleepy Eyed John Lepley, and the third song was "I've Never Stopped Loving You", another song I wrote.

Ramsey Kearney, Ed Cisco , Carl Perkins
Knick Knack Cafe, Jackson Tennessee: 1949

Jimmy, Ramsey, and Joe

Knick Knack Cafe

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