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   William Ramsey Kearney, born in Boliver, Tennessee, October 30, 1933 to David and Zora Kearney, the oldest of seven children.

   After winning a talent contest in his home town, he told his mother he would just get him a radio show, she said he wasn't good enough and he said I'll show "you" and soon......

   At age fifteen he had a radio show on WDXI Radio in Jackson, TN.

He was known as the "DIXIE FARMBOY"

   Ramsey had heard a radio commercial advertising Anderson's Tractor

Company on WDXI RADIO in Jackson. Upon hearing the commercial Ramsey approached Mr. John Anderson about sponsoring him on the radio. Mr. Anderson said he had heard Ramsey on the talent show and thought he was pretty good, and what did he want out of the radio show. Ramsey told him $2.00 gas money to drive the farm truck up and back to Jackson .

As it turned out...

   The Ramsey Kearney Radio show aired every Saturday morning at 10 AM on WDXI , lasting from 1948 to 1952. It started at 15 minutes, then went to 30 minutes as other merchant's joined in on the sponsorship.

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